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High quality work and attention to detail

Debbie and I want to thank you for the excellent work you did installing the columns of the portico of our home, replacing the brick moldings and repairing the other damage to the windows. The windows look new and using the materials you suggested, this work will not need to be done again. We appreciate the high quality of your work and your attention to detail. You are a true craftsman. Also, the new light and exhaust fan you installed in the master bathroom look and work great. In addition, we appreciate you fixing the loose bricks on the front stoop and resurfacing and reinstalling the intake cover on the fireplace. Even though these items were beyond the scope of the contract, we very much appreciate you noticing these issues and taking care of them while you were here. That is true customer service. We were your first customer after you decided to venture out on your won. Over the years, you have done a considerable amount of work for us including: the installation of a new vanity and sink, ceramic tile work, extensive amount of drywall installation in the garage and a number of drywall repairs in other rooms of our home. Your work has stood the test of time. We are very satisfied long-term customers. I have, and will continue, to refer you to my friends and family.

Jerry R., Gaithersburg, Maryland


Jerry R., Gaithersburg, Maryland

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