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6302 W Halbert Road
Bethesda, MD 20817


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Bob has a great work ethic

Bob has a great work ethic. He is talented and an experienced professional contractor who is extremely responsive and punctual. Without being asked, he has always gone the extra mile to ensure that I have not only been satisfied but more importantly also happy with the work he has done for me. Bob has always focused on what is best to achieve the goal. Numerous times he has found a more inexpensive solution that is always as good if not even better than what other contractors have quoted. He is very personable, yet is focused on the job at hand. His diligence and high quality work speaks for itself. Bob has done a great job for me and I trust him to always provide a fair quote and accurate sense of what it takes to get the job done and most importantly when it will be completed. In short, I will continue to hire Bob. I would highly recommend Bob and his services.

Michal P.


Michal P.

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