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Bob guided me throughout the process

For several years, my kitchen needed to be redone. There were a variety of issues. The lighting was atrocious. Cabinet doors no longer worked. The floor needed to be replaced. The appliances were ancient. When the carbon monoxide detector started going off every time I used the oven, I knew it was time. I contacted Bob Weaver who had previously done some smaller jobs for me. I feel fortunate that I had Bob to guide me throughout the process. I had no idea how to go about everything that needed to be done. He directed me toward cabinet, countertop and flooring companies. When I found appliances, he took care of the details in terms of acquiring and delivery. When it came time for completing the work, he was incredibly thorough and detailed. Everything was done in a professional manner. The workmanship was outstanding. Everything was kept extraordinarily clean. I have not had any problems. Everything works like a charm. Numerous people have visited and commented upon how nice the kitchen looks. Bob also took the time to complete some additional smaller jobs while he was here. I feel fortunate to have found Bob to do this work for me. I trust him without question and would highly recommend him for major house repairs or the smallest home improvement project. In addition, he is just a nice guy.

Larry H., Silver Spring, MD


Larry H., Silver Spring, MD

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